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So, yesterday was the 10th anniversary of Damian's death. I expected to feel Something Important and spend some time writing, but I actually didn't feel much of anything and just drifted through the day lazily. I only did one creative project (cannabis-infused olive oil) and did not attend yoga or do any chores.

I went to a "Bach & Friends" organ concert with Lois at 5pm at St. Andrews in Beaverton. I am not an Organ Fan, nor do I usually care for events at churches, but I'm glad I went. The organist, Cheryl, is a friend of Lois's, and I wanted to spend time with Lois. The music was quite nice, and the organ was joined by a flute and soprano for a few pieces. The musicians we're all very accomplished and I appreciated the intricacies of the classical style. The concert lasted about 75min, which was just right: I had been a little afraid of being trapped in a church for 3 hours of cantatas. Lois and I had sushi afterward and caught up/reminisced about Damian. I'm glad we were able to do that. My relationship with Lois is becoming closer and more important, as I've confided in her about my family of origin issues, and she's been wonderfully understanding and supportive. I told her about my plans to read Joseph Campbell and she highly recommended his series of interviews with Bill Moyers (which I already have on hold at the library)! Lois is the MIL the world needs.

I got home in time for my 8pm Star Trek online game, a nice surprise (I'd expected to miss it). Our story was at a point where we had a ceremony honoring fallen colleagues in the arboretum of the ship, so I'm glad I was there to participate; it made a meaningful coda to my day. I miss Damian, but I also seek new life and new civilization, boldly going.


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