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A slice of humanity for just $2 a ride. I rode the streetcar home this evening because it started raining. I usually walk to/from work, but today after work it was raining and my feet got wet, so I went to Side Door Cafe and waited until the next convenient streetcar arrival at 5:53pm.

I soon discovered a disturbed individual sitting nearby (on the departure steps near the door, even though there were plenty of seats open) loudly voicing threats to the general public.

"I can't stand people coming up to me, knocking on my door. The next time someone does that I'm going to knock them out."

"I should hang a sign around my neck, DO NOT APPROACH, because I'm a bad dog and I'll bite. I'll bite so hard, I'll bite their head off. FUCK."

A few stops later, the threatening person left the streetcar, with a parting comment "Get me off this fuckin train!!"

Yes, good riddance and hope you find the help you need, dude.

At the next stop, Blanket Jesus got on the streetcar. BJ is cool, he wears pajamas and 2 huge blankets and sandals year-round. I was a little skittish around him when I first saw him at the streetcar stop a few years ago, when he had long hair and a long beard and appeared somewhat disheveled. Recently, I've seen him on the streetcar regularly, and we recognize each other. He's clean-shaven and apparently has regular haircuts now; he looks like a friar but I still name him Blanket Jesus in my mind. I've never heard him speak, but he always waves at me and give me a thumbs-up, and I mirror that gesture back to him. I don't believe in a god anymore, but Blanket Jesus keeps popping up in my real life, and I believe in him.


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