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I'm doing better at sleep and mental health now that I'm on month 3 of closely monitored medication and therapy. It's good to feel better, but it's also expensive, time-consuming, and I'm looking forward to stepping down the meds and appointments in favor of exercise and my naturally developing coping skills.

A feeling of softness around my midsection is a side effect of being on antidepressants and not doing weightlifting/CrossFit recently. I have been going to yoga 2-4x/week, and I walk for at least an hour most days (doctor/therapist/dietician-approved activities) but I miss weight work, and pull-ups most of all. I'm ready to get back at it, but yo, fitness classes be expensive and my budget is tight. I'm going to have to find time to lift weights outside of work time at the local 24hour (I have a membership there, which I should take advantage of). I should attend my neighborhood yoga studio more often too, since I have a 5 class/month membership and extra classes are very affordable. I usually wake up for 8:15 hot yoga on Saturdays and Sundays. I hope to expand that morning yoga habit to the Tuesday+Thursday 7am (!) class as well, but that's a stretch goal right now.

It's also the time of the month where my body is cramping and leaking, which makes me feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. My trainer friend Rachel just posted a selfie of her 6-month #fitpregnancy body, and she looks amazing... and when I looked at myself sideways in the mirror today, I compared my protruding tummy to hers. My belly is just swollen from menstruation, and it will change again within the next week as my cycle subsides and begins again. I shouldn't compare my body to the other lovely bodies I see on social media, but hey, I live in 2017 and that is a thing that I currently do.

Date: 2017-04-13 04:32 pm (UTC)
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Maybe looking at photos of different kinds of bodies might help? When I feel off about my belly, I go over to fuck yeah vbo, a tumblr on visible belly outlines. It made me feel weird to look at it at first, because of internalized fat shame/phobia, but now it makes me appreciate all the rad forms bodies can take. There is no one way to be.

Also, maybe take a step back and think about Rachel. She's a trainer. She has centered her entire life around fitness. So her body is bound to look a little different. Plus, we don't know what genetics are in her favor.

Don't beat yourself up for comparing. We all do it. It's very human. Just try to remember at the same time maybe that: All bodies are different. There's no one way to be. <3


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